Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down

trampolineHippie. Preppie. Popular. Loner. Freak. Geek. I was all of those things at one point during high school. Except popular… I just tagged along with the cool kids for a while. Which was fine, because in my high school, the cool kids tended to have the personalities and suntans of a Cheez-It. They looked like models for a JC Penney catalog. The guys drank cans of Busch and got wasted. They bullied , they date raped, they high-fived. The girls were even scarier. For more, just watch Season 1 of Veronica Mars and…That.

Let’s just say I never fit the mold. Continue reading

A totally rational fear of knives

Armed and dangerous in suburban America.

Armed and dangerous in suburban America.

Every year when Halloween starts to creep up, I find myself craving a good scare. The air outside is crisp, the leaves colorful and scattered on the ground like confetti. There’s no better time of year to turn out the lights and curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn while watching: a) a ghost possess a pair of bright-eyed, new homeowners b) an unfortunate hitchhiker plead for his life while losing appendages to a homicidal maniac or c) that go-getter FBI agent who’s been roped back into hunting down the real serial killer while fighting for justice for the person she mistakenly arrested ten years ago. Continue reading