Walk at nightShe pulled her hooded windbreaker tighter to her body and tightened the hood to protect her face from the wind. It wouldn’t be long before winter overtook the city, snow flattening the faded yellow leaves.

She walked at a quick pace, checking her watch. She cherished this time in the city; the early morning quiet before the chaos. She moved forward silently counting the rhythm of her steps, one, two, three, four, five. The street lights gleamed in the darkness, casting her long and slanted shadow. Continue reading

A love letter to my people, and by people I mean animals

Animals: real, stuffed, wild and domesticated. Love 'em all.

Animals: real, stuffed, wild and domesticated. Love ’em all.

Growing up in my family, I became familiar with two types of critters: those that we feared and those that we adopted. One such critter, Madeline, happened to fall into both categories.

My family always had pets. The week I was born, my parents also took in a stray cat from the neighborhood. Continue reading

An inadvertent case of grand theft auto

All cars kind of look the same, right?

All cars kind of look the same, right?

Nobody has ever called me a girly girl. As a kid, I preferred off-roading on my Huffy bike and shooting hoops in the driveway to dressing up in princess outfits and playing with Barbie. I never rocked a perfect coif or sported the hottest fashions. But I wasn’t exactly a tomboy, either. I surrounded myself in a village of adorable stuffed animals and spent hours meticulously crafting jewelry and clothespin dolls.

Continue reading

Def Leppard and the Origins of my Crippling Public Speaking Phobia

I'm hot, sticky sweet.

I’m hot, sticky sweet.

Before I got the ol’ heave ho from Catholic school at the end of my 6th grade year, I had been quite the model student. Hell, even during and after my ousting from Catholic school, I was just about as perfectly behaved of a student as you can imagine. Did I just write “hell”? I guess I’ve come a long way.

My parents and brother did a good job insulating me as a child. And being 7 years younger than my brother and the 2nd child, I had a lot of experience entertaining myself. I spent hours sitting underneath the dining room table and reading books. Or saddling a Strawberry Shortcake doll on one of my My Little Pony dolls and letting them gallop around for a while. Or gaping at the TV. I was a pretty self-sufficient kid. Continue reading