Where Horror Movies Begin

dollKatie Burke sat still, her husband’s hands covering her eyes as he stood behind her.


Sean’s hands now rested on Katie’s shoulders and he gave them a gentle squeeze as she scanned the computer monitor in front of her. She saw an image of horses idling behind a fence. A big red barn. Bright orange and red leaves fluttering toward the ground.

“You got me a horse?”

Sean laughed. “Um, afraid not. Did you want a horse?” Continue reading

The Morning Commute

 Wanderer, Jess thought, picking up her pace.

Since she started walking to work, she’d realized that most people she encountered in the early morning hours fit easily into one of six categories. The Wanderers were by far the most unsettling. She glanced behind her and saw no trace of the stocky man wearing the Council Rock Field Hockey sweatshirt. She unclenched her fists subconsciously, no longer facing immediate threat.Do guys even play field hockey? she wondered. Continue reading

Just my two cents

crazy-eyesAdvice to those thinking about settling down?
Marry an orphan – you’ll thank me at the holidays.

Advice to someone whose boss treats him like a clown?
Life’s too short. Sooner than later you should part ways.

Advice to someone who feels restless, confused and lost?
Call your best buddy and then buy a Powerball ticket.

Advice to someone whose friend takes advantage at any cost?
Friendship is a two way street – tell ’em where to stick it.

Advice to someone who takes advice from a stranger on the internet?
That’s pretty silly; you probably shouldn’t do that.